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International consignments

LLC "Alas-Trans" arranges delivery of goods by international transport, in Russia and the CIS. The company has its own fleet of trucks with loading capacity of 82 m3, 92 m3, 120 m3. We provide every our client with personal approach to the design and realization of cargo transportation. Matured schemes of cargo delivery  allow to LLC "Alas-Trans" to ensure precise schedule compliance of traffic circulation, quality of provided service and competitive tariffs.

Fast transportation of light cargos

The are some occasions when the cargo of small size must be delivered in the shortest time span. Paying big money and booking a road train for this purpose is not only unprofitable but also not very rational. Thanks to LLC "Alas-Trans" light-duty vehicles of 25-30 m3, we can solve this problem in the shortest time and at reasonable tariffs.

Refrigerated transportation

Not every cargo can be transported in ordinary tents. We perfectly understand this and want to help you to solve the problem of transportation of cargos that require temperature control. For this purpose LLC "Alas-Trans" has refrigerated trucks with loading capacity of 82 m3  in its truck fleet.

14 September 2012

15 years of

On the tenth of September, 2012 our company celebrated its fifteenth anniversary. This is not a great age for a man, but rather significant for the company.

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